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Occasionally the need arises to transfer existing die cast tooling from one die casting supplier to another.  The reasons behind this are varied and may include bankruptcy, quality problems, capacity and others.  When transferring tools, many steps have to occur.  These include:

  • Ensure that there is enough die castings made from the current supplier to cover production needs.
  • Move die cast tooling and support equipment such as trim dies to the new supplier
  • Check and possibly modify the die cast die to make sure that it fits the new company’s die cast machines. This adaption is usually pretty simple, but every die cast machine manufacturer has some differences in clamping, ejection, shot position, etc.
  • Make sample castings at the new company and qualify them by the customer (often through a PPAP process)

These steps must take place in a relatively short time frame to prevent production interruptions.

Basic Aluminum has significant experience with transfer tooling projects and can help customers who find themselves in need of open die casting capacity. For specifics, please contact us.


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Considerations When Transferring Tooling


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