high pressure aluminum die castings machineA manufacturing company, Basic Aluminum is capable of producing high pressure aluminum die castings that can weigh from a few ounces to over 50 pounds. Die cast machines ranging from 600 to 2100 tons provide a basis for the manufacture of a variety of parts with the flexibility of cell manufacture to gain economic efficiencies. Process control and monitoring are the focus with regard to all manufacturing operating processes and are an integral part of each manufacturing system. From the melt department which includes patented filtering of molten metal to final dock audit and certification, all steps along the way include thorough quality control and analysis. Basic feels that the proper management of these capabilities and competencies are the heart of the organization and the source of marketplace opportunities.

Basic’s manufacturing process is set up to minimize lead times and provide just in time production to fit our customer’s need to react to market fluctuations. Work cells are customized for each product line to best fit the quality and design needs of those castings.reverb aluminum With today’s focus on environmental friendliness, Basic Aluminum has become an active partner in the adoption and implementation of a range of environmental management techniques which are incorporated in the management system and bring full circle Basic’s commitment to being a complete and responsible manufacturing group within the community.

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