Product Types

Die Casting Experience

Automotive Transmission Finned Stator - aluminum die castingBasic Aluminum has had significant experience with a wide variety of applications with specific product requirements. These include:

Powertrain Components: These castings are used in engine and transmission applications on a number of different platforms. The aluminum die casting have tight tolerance requirements for critical characteristics. They are required to be pressure tight and have specific porosity requirement after machining. Basic has been responsible for the machining and has supplied unmachined die castings to customers which machine certain dimensions to size. Due to the exacting requirements for this type of application, Basic Aluminum has installed extensive metal control, process control and quality control processes throughout the facility to minimize variation and potential problems.

Assembled Components and Finished Castings: In addition to providing a casting, Basic has extensive experience providing completed assemblies to meet customer requirements. Depending on the operation, Basic will either carry out the process at Basic (machining, shotblasting, assembly) or outsource and manage the process (painting, vibratory deburring, etc) to a local supplier.

Heat Sinks: These products present their own unique requirements as the integrity of the aluminum die casting and fins are critical to the long term function of the assembled component. Basic utilizes specific design standards on die cast dies to prevent long term problems and minimize casting variation on heat sink product lines.

High Finish Die Castings: Basic has supplied several products which are used by end customers, such as vacuum cleaner parts which have exacting visual appearance requirements. Basic maintains visual standards appropriate to the product to ensure consistent casting quality. The process is designed appropriately to give a fill and finish which meed customer needs.

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