About Basic

Basic was founded in 1946 as an aluminum die cast manufacturer in Cleveland OH. The company moved twice before settling in the current location at 1325 East 168th Street in 1956. The company quickly developed a strong varied customer base and provided castings to a variety of industries, such as military, automotive, general industry and lighting.

The facility at 1325 East 168th has been expanded multiple times to provide room for finishing operations, such as machining, shotblasting and testing.

Our most recent expansion provided capacity for large tonnage die casting machines up to 2100 tons. This includes crane equipment capable of handling massive casting dies exceeding 50,000 lbs. An interesting fact regarding the building is that the floor is 29 inches thick reinforced concrete.

Through this time, Basic has been privately owned by the same family, which has provided stability for ongoing operations.

Die Casting Plant

Over the years up until today, the company has added modern processing equipment and controls such as:

  • A large capacity X-ray machine
  • Centralized process control and monitoring equipment
  • A patent on metal filtration technology employed at Basic Aluminum
  • Full die cast machine automation
  • CNC machining equipment
  • Automated assembly cells
  • CMM and quality inspection data systems

Moving into the future, Basic Aluminum is well positioned financially and has open die cast machine capacity to meet market demands in a reliable fashion.

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