The Basic Aluminum Casting Company
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Phone: 216-481-5606 | Fax: 216-481-7031


New Die Casting Programs:
Send an e-mail with “Request for Quote” in the subject line giving details about how Basic can contact you. Also, send related product or project information such as expected volume, start date, part prints or electronic models. If your company requires a confidentiality agreement, we can discuss such an arrangement before specific information is transmitted. Basic can review your program and evaluate its fit within Basic and as an aluminum die casting or die casting assembly.

Existing Die Casting Programs:
If your company has, for whatever reason, a need to transfer die casting and finishing work to a new supplier, Basic can help you. This process can be expedited as needed to ensure no supply interruptions occur. Again, please send an e-mail to Basic with relevant information with the following in the subject line: Attention Cp Die Cast Transfer.

Manufacturer’s Representatives:
Basic does work with manufacturer’s representatives. We have typical contract arrangements and are willing to work with your company on terms. If your representative company has need for a die casting manufacturer, please contact us via e-mail with the following in the subject line: Attention Cp Manufacturer’s Rep.

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