Basic Aluminum Casting Co.

For over half a century The Basic Aluminum Casting Company has been a privately held, financially solid die casting company with a professional integrity matched by few in today’s industry.diecasting

At The Basic Aluminum Casting Company, we bring quality die casting with delivery and pricing achieved through a sound business organization. Centrally located in Cleveland, Ohio, we’re easily accessible across the Midwest and the entire United States. Occupying over 55,000 square feet at our plant, Basic has serves the transportation and general manufacturing industries and beyond! The Basic Aluminum Casting Company can be best described as an engineering company with one simple trait – creating die cast products  from listening and understanding our customer’s needs.  A strong commitment to that and a focus on quality has enabled us to continue to be one of the best and oldest names in the industry.

Diecasting aluminum is the preferred industrial procedure when it comes to creating machine parts. The process is necessary when the specification requirements are high. It means pouring
hot melted metal into molds that are designed according to these strict requirements.

There are several advantages to using this technology in various industries. The first is that it
provides  excellent  dimensional  accuracy  with  the  smooth  cast  and  thinner  walls,  which  is necessary  for  achieving  the  desired  results.  Secondly,  it  saves  costs  since  no  secondary
machining  operations  are  needed.  Due  to  these  reasons,  it  has  emerged  as  an  important business sector. If you’re looking online for a reputable company to do this work, before opting for a firm always check for past client comments and testimonials. These can help immensely and educate you fully on the types of diecasting and services offered.