Die Casting Surface Treatments

Aluminum die castings have a silver color with rough edges after trim.  The surface condition and appearance is directly impacted by the condition of the die cast die that made the part.  There are a number of post-casting steps that can be taken to impact this finish.

To impact the edges and burrs on the casting, the part can be:

  • Shotblasted.  The type of media impacts the finish, generally creating a rough, but even finish to the entire casting and removing flash or edges.
  • Vibratory deburred.  This is a less aggressive process that removes edges from the casting while impacting the actual surface less.
  • Thermal deburred.  A more expensive process that removes edges on castings effectively.
  • Glass beaded.  Similar to shotblasting, but with a smoother finish.
  • Plus other processes

To impact the color or appearance, castings can be:

  • Painted, using a number of different processes including electro-coating or powder coating.
  • Plating to give a surface coating
  • Burnishing to give a high finish
  • Plus other processes


All of these processes can be used to generate a casting that fits your functional needs.  Please contact Basic Aluminum to learn more.