Basic Aluminum Casting Co.

For over half a century The Basic Aluminum Casting Company has been a privately held, financially solid die casting company with a professional integrity matched by few in today’s industry.diecasting

At The Basic Aluminum Casting Company, we bring quality die casting with delivery and pricing achieved through a sound business organization. Centrally located in Cleveland, Ohio, we’re easily accessible across the Midwest and the entire United States. Occupying over 55,000 square feet at our plant, Basic has serves the transportation and general manufacturing industries and beyond! The Basic Aluminum Casting Company can be best described as an engineering company with one simple trait – creating die cast products  from listening and understanding our customer’s needs.  A strong commitment to that and a focus on quality has enabled us to continue to be one of the best and oldest names in the industry.

Die casting has become a fundamental industry since the birth of precision-requiring metal finishes. Today, a conventional die casting manufacturer which caters to various clients all over the world offers varied products and services ready to appease any customer. There are manufacturers in America and mostly in Asia, but how do you find the right one?

The first thing to consider is your own requirement. What do you need from the manufacturer?  How much of this product do you need? What are your alloy specifications? Alloys have different properties depending on what their functions will be. The most common metals used are zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper, lead and tin. These metals form the alloy that produce your specific requirements like strength, corrosive properties, weight, conductivity, ductility and economy. Different firms offer different specifications because not all specialize in the same type of metals. A typical die casting manufacturer specializes inaluminum die castings although there are still others that prefer to bring in different marketing strategies.

After establishing what you need, the next step is to request for product designs. Product designs require engineering skills most especially on products that require great precision. The computer motherboard for instance; different motherboards require different specifications for heat sinks. Heat sinks need to perfectly snap onto the motherboard so it could function effectively and efficiently. Its metal alloy should be able to tolerate the temperature and since current is in play and computers are electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive, alloy conductivity and electrical resistance should be carefully considered. The alloy should be corrosive-resistant and lightweight. Requirements would be much simpler if we took the faucet as an example of course, but faucets require complex designs too, believe it or not. Nonetheless, once the product design is done, check the quality. Even the smallest flaw can cause really serious damage. Damage occurs when air gets into the machine, it creates unnecessary holes compromising the quality of the design. Manufacturers usually acknowledge having flaws but time is still of the essence especially for such industry. Sometimes, the higher the quantity of work, the faster the production but there are still instances when this does not hold true especially for firms that hold on to their names in the industry. Lastly, check the overall cost. Some companies have higher metal sources, others have low labor costs; still others have both. Research need not be painstaking but a careful scrutiny is necessary plus an eye for detail.

Ultimately, the quest for the most suitable die casting manufacturer lies in your hands. If you really want someone working for you and that the products and services you render need to spell out quality, then, keeping in mind these helpful tips will surely find you the right one.