Die Cast Automation

The die cast industry has embraced robotic automation as a labor savings tool.  Beyond the productivity benefit, the process becomes more reliable and repeatable.  Basic has taken these automation techniques and expanded them to secondary operations.

The standard modern die cast foundry features significant amounts of automation.  Some normal areas that are addressed include:

  • Automatic ladles for pouring
  • Auto lubrication via spray on die cast dies
  • Robotic extraction
  • Automated deburring

These processes in the die cast industry have become more stable over time, allowing die casters to produce parts at reduced labor costs and do so in a repeatable, quality fashion.

More recently, automation has expanded to secondary and finishing operations performed on castings.  Basic Aluminum has embraced this move and utilized 6 axis robots for assembly and other tasks to further push the competitiveness of our products.

This movement will continue in the future as technology becomes more affordable and more robust.  Future improvements will likely base themselves around creating more flexible assembly cells capable of finishing different product lines in line with lean manufacturing principles.

If you have a die casting product that requires several post processing steps and assembly, do not hesitate to contact Basic Aluminum to assist with a cost effective, quality solution.